The best breakfast EVER

Recently, we stayed in a lovely hotel and they served a muesli for breakfast that had been soaked overnight, with a little mango compote on the side and an array of coulis flavours.  Well, I lived on the stuff while I was there and vowed to make it at home, as I don’t eat breakfast as a rule.  So after a little internet research, I found that basically it’s porridge oats soaked in natural yoghurt with chopped apple to sweeten it, overnight.  Simples!  I also wanted an excuse to use the tin of mango pulp that I bought.

Recipe for this amazeballs brekky is as follows:- (2 small servings or 1 large one!)

1/4 cup of porridge oats
1/2 cup natural yoghurt (low fat)
1/2 apple, grated
Fruit sauce to serve

  • Mix oats, yoghurt & grated apple together (I use the bowl I’m going to eat it in – saves washing up), cover with cling film and put in fridge overnight.
  • When you want to eat it, pour over the fruit sauce and devour.  If you need it sweeter, just add some honey but I found the fruit sauce gave it more than enough.

Approximately 150 calories per serving, excluding fruit sauce.


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