Being a grown-up.

I'm still in that 'children gone back to school' blessed-out phase.  So what better way to capitalise than to avoid the ironing pile for another day and go out to lunch with my mum?!  She's certainly had some trying times recently but she's great fun to be around, especially when Yahtzee and rock buns are… Continue reading Being a grown-up.


Trying to discover our house.

If you have children, you will know the feeling that occurs on the first day of term.  You know the one: "Right, where the bloody hell is my house under all this junk?".  I am there right now and there is so much to do, that I'm completely overwhelmed and no idea where to start.… Continue reading Trying to discover our house.

Craft, Random

More comebacks than the Rolling Stones!

Apparently, 3rd time's a charm - or so they say.  Right, having played at having this blog before, I'm really going to try hard at doing at least a weekly update.   My interests have changed and I now incorporate sewing and crochet in my hobbies, alongside cooking, baking and high-level diplomacy, thanks to wrangling… Continue reading More comebacks than the Rolling Stones!