Frustrated sewist

I am doing my complete and utter nut.  My new ‘toy’ is still in its packaging ‘cos I haven’t had the time to unpack it.  I am referring to my new Janome overlocker; the box of which is staring at me with contempt; “Hmph, still in here then”. I have earmarked so many projects to do – mainly clothes for me, of course – as my fabric stash is slowly growing.  Damn you Truro Fabrics and your remnant bin!  However, I just don’t have the time at the mo.  Let me put you in the picture: my Teaching Assistant work has slowed to a dribble so I offered my admin services to the business where my husband works (on a strictly temp basis) and it’s just taken off!  The only downside to this new work schedule is that I don’t get much any time at home to pursue my hobbies.

So imagine my delight when I fire up Pinterest and see that everyone’s favourite GBSB contestant from Series One, Tilly, has a her first book out.   Tilly Walnes has a fabulous blog – Tilly & the Buttons – which is great for inspiration and encouragement, especially when re-discovering those latent sewing tools learnt over 26 years ago at school!  I urge you to follow her musings as well as her fabulous Pinterest feed.  I’m currently in love with her board on the Brigitte scarf, an ode to the wonderfully stylish Brigitte Bardot, and will definitely go hunting for some suitable fabric when I’m next near that addictive remnant bin.  Especially since I could use my overlocker!!

So, with this all going around my head, I’m off to start putting pennies away to save up for the book and the copious metres of fabric I will *have* to get in order to make the 5 patterns included with the book.  Shame.




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