About Me

I am the Pesky Pisky, and have lived in Cornwall all my life (though did try elsewhere but not successfully).  I am closer to 40 than I should like but ageing doesn’t worry me.  Much.

Things that you should understand about me

  • I’m Cornish through and through, but I am not a “yokel” as some quaint Home Counties tourists were overheard calling us.  First and foremost, I am a human being and I loathe being pigeon-holed.
  • I like the rudimentary things in life: eating, sleeping, breathing (rather good at that) and avid avoider of all things to do with housework.
  • I provide all culinary delights for the family, though I down tools on occasion and can only be revived with a take-away curry (particularly a Garlic Mushroom Puri).
  • I love my horses though have a nagging feeling that they only love me when I feed them.  Hopefully going to compete again one day. Bwahahahahahaha.
  • Did I mention that I hate housework?

Main Protagonists:

Married to The Husband (TH) for … can’t remember but we got married in 2001, though been together for about a lifetime, or so it seems.  He is my best friend and a saint for putting up with what can only be described as ‘changeable behaviour’!

Eldest Son (henceforth known as ES) is a 2003 baby and giving me lots of practice at bringing up a teenager before that actual time comes.  Very bright and all his teachers love him.  They haven’t said ‘no’ to him then – or he didn’t hear them.  Other traits: ever-so-slightly melodramatic (*snigger*), can be a complete wooss, loves swimming, very untidy, leaves a trail of destruction behind him and in short, is very like me.

Youngest Son (YS) is a 2005 baby.  And a red-head.  And built like a brick privvy.  And has bigger feet than ES.  And is now taller than ES.  Two speeds (stop and go) and rarely likes to take the easy route, preferring to climb, scrabble under or barge right through any obstacle.  Constantly in the wars and wears scratches, bruises and cuts with pride.  Currently testing out his Stroppy Skills and Ways to Wind Up ES.  Other traits: will MAKE you stop what you’re doing by launching himself at you for a cuddle, constantly eats, is a Mummy’s Boy and is the Mini-Me of TH.  Oh and is a Chorister.

There are other cast members but all will be explained.



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