Frustrated sewist

I am doing my complete and utter nut.  My new 'toy' is still in its packaging 'cos I haven't had the time to unpack it.  I am referring to my new Janome overlocker; the box of which is staring at me with contempt; "Hmph, still in here then". I have earmarked so many projects to do… Continue reading Frustrated sewist

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Brotherly love

Sometimes, boys just need a little reaffirmation and while ES is going through his "I'm not listening to you" phase, I made this 5x7" picture for him.  He likes it and has put in in pride of place in his storage.  He needed reminding that YS was not his convenient punching bag and what a wonderful… Continue reading Brotherly love

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More comebacks than the Rolling Stones!

Apparently, 3rd time's a charm - or so they say.  Right, having played at having this blog before, I'm really going to try hard at doing at least a weekly update.   My interests have changed and I now incorporate sewing and crochet in my hobbies, alongside cooking, baking and high-level diplomacy, thanks to wrangling… Continue reading More comebacks than the Rolling Stones!